Who we are?

Welcome to Study GuideBd. My website name is Every site has a regular privacy policy. My website has a particular privacy policy. All visitors have to follow my privacy policy. Now I describe here my site privacy policy. So, follow carefully.

Comments on content:

We published content on my site. Sometimes visitors can ask questions in the comments box. My site can collect or store the comment data and its given email or other

When a visitor submits his comments in the comment box, my site gravatar collects the information. Then my team read the comment, if the comment is perfect, we allow it. When the comments are spam, we may not allow publishing there.


We normally upload images for content. My visitors may download my content. Sometimes, we may upload embedded location data included in these images. The visitor should get permission to download the images from my website.

Cookies information:

Actually, cookies will last for one hour. So, when you submit your comment in the comment box, your name, email, and websites are in cookies. It is useful to you that next time when you leave a comment in the comment box, you do not have to fill up the details that you submitted in the previous comment.

A visitor may visit my log-in page. Then we determine a cookies page if your browser accepts cookies. But you should not worry about the cookies because all documents are discarded when your browser is closed.

Dear visitor, you may save my cookies in different ways. You may save log-in data that last two days. When you store or save in screen option of log-in data it will last for one year. Sometimes, your login to data saves by remembering me. It lasts for two weeks. So, within two weeks you do not need log-in data to submit the desired log-in box.

You have an opportunity if you wanted to write or edit my content, and extra cookies will be saved in your browser. There is no personal data and it is very simple that the content id of the post may be easily edited or written.

Embedded content from other sites

I published my content for convenience sometimes I use embedded content ( e.g. images, articles). When you visit other sites, you may see the embedded content as same as my website.

This site may gather the same embedded content from you or my site, this third-party interaction or tracking my site.

Who we share your data with

When you request a password reset, you must be included your id address in the reset mail.

How long do we retain data?

Visitors may leave comments in the comment box in my content. They submit their user name, email, and so on. Then we read it, I allow this.

For registration on our website, you should submit information. If needed, you can change your information. You can edit, delete, and so on.

What rights do you have over your data?

Actually, the data provided on my site is for job seekers. A job realizes my provide data is required for him, he can easily download it from my site. In this way, candidates should not get permission from my site.

Where we send your data

Comments data is verified on my website automatically. If it feels like spam, they do not get permission to publish.

Thank you very much for visiting my website.