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SSC math suggestion, Best wishes to SSC candidates. Hope your preparation is very good. Hope you can achieve the desired result in the SSC exam held next month.

The secondary School Certificate (SSC) Exam is the first certificate exam in the life of students.

There is excitement and fear in everyone’s mind with this exam. You worry about how your exam will be, how the environment will be in the exam hall, whether these questions will be common, whether I will be able to write well, whether I will get good marks, etc.

Hope all your fears will go away after the first day of the exam.

SSC math suggestion 2023

Mathematics and English is a tricky subject for the examinee. All the examinees have a basis for maths and English. I have collected a short maths suggestion for you.

I myself have seen the suggestion well. Not really a suggestion for meritorious students. Those who get an (A +) plus will have to do all the marks.

I hope the suggestion is very important for those who want to score a bit raw i.e. 40-50 marks. But I think suggestions will get 70-80 marks to master well.

By following my SSC suggestion they will get desired marks.

SSC math short suggestion 2023

But the basic knowledge of Mathematics is very important. In the exam, Math can turn one. So always understand while doing mathematics.

You still have about three weeks left. Hopefully, you will hold and do the parts given in the suggestion. Mathematics is not complicated.

Those who are more intelligent can do math better. Improving numbers is a matter of practice. Cool your head and try to do it. While doing the maths, read the maths carefully. In 2023, the maths question is likely to be easy. So you have no reason to worry.

Follow the suggestion and do each digit well. Hope you get your desired number.

In the examination hall, the set in which you can score well i.e. there is no possibility of making a mistake will do that set first.

I used to take geometry first in class from 9th to 10th. You can do this too. But remember. First, do the number where there is no possibility of a mistake.

Always try to do the sets which get your pass marks first. Do the rest later. Geometry should be very important.

Geometry is the easier part to understand or memorize.

Anyone can do well in geometry with a little mastery.

There are many good marks in geometry. That is why he will give importance to improving geometry.

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) math suggestion 2023 jpg/pdf file:

Study Guide BD Secondary School Certificate Mathematics Suggestion has been prepared in JPG or PDF file format.

JPG and PDF files are uploaded below. You can save it to your phone or computer from here. You can print from any computer.

বিষয়: অংক সাজেসন্স (সকল বোর্ড)

নবম – দশম শ্রেণির বোর্ড বই (বীজগণিত)

অনুশীলনীঅংক নম্বর
৯, ১০, ১১,১২, ২১
২.১১,৭.১১, উদা-১৪
২.২১৩, ১৫, ১৮:২১, ২৩,
৩.২৪, ৭, ১৩, ১৫, ১৬, উদা-১৬,১৭
৩.৩৩. ৫, ৬, ১৮, ২১, ২৫
৩.৫১৪, ১৭.২৩, ৩২, উদা-৪২
৪.১৪,৬,৮,১৫, ১৬, ১৮, উদা-৪
৪.২১,৪ উদা-৬,১০
৫.১৫,৬,১২,১৬,১৯, ২১, ২২, উদা-৬,৭
৫.২১৬, ১৭, ২০, ২৬, ২৮
১১.১৭, ১০, ১৩, ২০, উদা-৬,৭,১১
১১.২১২, ১৫, ১৮, ২৪
১২.৪১০, ১৬, ১৭ উদা-১৪

বিষয়: জ্যামিতি

অনুশীলনী উপপাদ্য
নং-১৫, ১৭, ১৮, ২২, ২৩, ২৬,৩৯
(১৩১ পৃষ্টার উদাহরণ)
অনু-৭.১-৬, ৭.২-১৫,১৬নং ১,২,৩
উদা-২(ক), ৩,৫,৯,১০,১১,১২
অনুশীলনীঅংক নং 
অনুশীলনীঅংক নং 

If do not understand the SSC math suggestion 2023, you may see the jpg file below:

ssc math suggestion
ssc math suggestion

You can download the pdf file of SSC Mathematics short suggestions 2023

Download SSC math short suggestion Download

SSC Math Suggestion 2023 Dhaka Board

SSC Math Suggestion 2023 Rajshahi Board

SSC Math Suggestion 2023 Jessore Board

SSC Math Suggestion 2023 Sylhet Board

SSC Math Suggestion 2023 Khulna Board

SSC Math Suggestion 2023 Barisal Board

SSC Math Suggestion 2023 Rangpur Board

SSC Math Suggestion 2023 Chattagram Board


Thank you for visiting here. I think you will get better marks in the coming SSC examination. Stay safe and best of luck.

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