BCS Preparation Book List [Last Updated 43th BCS] 2023

Bcs preparation book list , how to become a BCS cadre or how to get a job easily is the sweetest question for the unemployed in Bangladesh.

Currently, the government job is a golden deer.

About 10 lakh youth are unemployed in Bangladesh.

These 10 lakh youth are constantly working hard for jobs.

Among them, three to four percent of boys are able to get jobs.

In fact, it is very difficult to get a job these days.

There was a saying that if you have the money you get a job, and that tendency is no longer among people.

Now only one thing merit can get you a job. But now one thing is seen that not all talented people are getting jobs.

Relying on talent alone is not enough and some strategies have to be applied. But it is true that all those who are really diligent are getting some kind of job.

Today I am going to discuss some important things about becoming a BCS cadre.

The mistake we make is to read job books after completing academic studies. It is the most terrible decision for us.

Hundreds of students are not getting jobs due to this idea. Remove this thought from your mind. Start reading now where you are.

If you are a first year, you will get a chance to study well. Remember that job training is no small matter.

It’s a big thing. All the job books available in the market should be read and completed. Only then you will become BCS cadre.

I work in District Administration Jhenaidah. My designation is Deputy Administrative Officer.

I could not become a cadre. But I know how to be a cadre. Because admin cadres work in our administration.

I am with them all the time. Always share with me about their studies. I tried to learn from them.

How to Read for becoming a BCS cadre:

This is a very important question. Because since you are starting job training. Then everything is new to you.

Then you have to drop everything. You need to know how to master such a huge study easily.

First of all, I am talking about Honors first-year students. Studies should be started after getting honors.

Thinking that I will study after my master’s may end the employment age, but I will not get a job.

But in all cases, there can be exceptions. At least three hours of on-the-job training per day after admission to the first year.

Those who want to become a cadre have to study for seven-eight hours. Divide your day into 24 hours.

We know that the tendency to read is greatly reduced after first enrolling in Hons. Then most of the time is spent resting or relaxing. You have to use this time.

BCS Preparation Book list

Now let’s talk about the book. What books will you read? Reading books will depend on your job expectations.

I will discuss BCS first. In this case, I will suggest you the book MP3 by George series in the initial condition.

You will get a total set of books in this series. Buy Bangla, Arithmetic, English, General Knowledge Bangladesh, General Knowledge International, Computer and Mental Skills, and Ethics books. Note that of course, you buy mp3 books from the George series.

I have read the books myself. They are fairly accurate information and you will enjoy reading.

But yes it is your initial preparation. It should be remembered that to become a BCS cadre, one has to read and complete all the job books in the market.

Try to but the latest version of book.

  1. Georges বাংলা ভাষা ও সাহিত্য / বাংলা ভাষা ও সাহিত্য জিজ্ঞাসা (লেখক-ড. সৌমিত্র শেখর)
  2. Georges English review
  3. শাহীনস Short cut and Broad math review/ Georges math review
  4. Georges Mp3 সাধারন জ্ঞান বাংলাদেশ
  5. Georges Mp3 সাধারন জ্ঞান আন্তর্জার্তিক
  6. Georges দৈনন্দিন বিজ্ঞান
  7. Georges Mp3 কম্পিউটার ও তথ্য প্রযুক্তি
  8. Georges mp3 ভূগোল, পরিবেশ ও দুর্যোগ ব্যবস্থাপনা
  9. ওরাকলের মানসিক দক্ষতা
  10. Proffesor job solution latest version.
  11. মাসিক কারেন্ট অ্যাফেয়ার্স
bcs preparation book list

How to read English book for BCS preparation:

Every morning you wake up and read the literary parts of the English book once. Your head is fresh in the morning.

At this time, read and try to master these complex topics. Divide the entire literature into several parts.

So that the whole is read once every week. In this way every morning read the part of English literature.

Also, while reading other books, select the topics that you find difficult and try to read those books this time. You will see that you have mastered everything easily.

If you are not good at free hand English writing, you can watch this video from Ten Minutes School. Here is a detailed discussion on how a student can write a paragraph, composition, letter in his own way. That is, if you do this course, you can write any writing part of English by yourself, you don't need to study separately for this. I think the Ten Minute School program will be of great benefit to you. Click here to watch the video. Watch 10 minutes of English  writing for students.

General Knowledge Bangladesh Subject for BCS preparation book list:

Everyone likes to read this book. When you feel bored or don’t want to read books, read this book.

Do a task, first target one book and finish it within a week. I know you won’t remember everything the first time.

It will all come back to you later when you read it. When I was preparing for BCS I used to finish one book every day.

The first time you will need time. After reading two or three times then you don’t need to read the whole book but mark the topics which are difficult for you to remember.

Later only those should be read.

How to memorize critical topics for BCS preparation:

And there are some complicated things like the capital of different countries and names of currency try to read them daily. No need to memorize at once.

If you read every day, you will not know when you have memorized it. Try to write sometimes.

Write down the things that you don’t remember at all. Some questions seem confusing. While answering them, take out some clues of your own.

will separate one from the other. Such a question

Where does Padma meet Meghna?

You surely know the answer to this is Chandpur. At first, I didn’t remember it, I thought Meghna was a cloud to remember it.

Clouds are in the sky and the moon is in the sky. Chand to Chandpur means the answer to this question will be Chandpur.

I used to remember the answers to many questions like this, although I don’t remember now. Have to practice regularly.

You will finish the book you pick up. Try to read every line. If it doesn’t end once, it won’t end again.

Always convince me that I will do well in exams if I study. And if you do well in the exam, you will get a good job. My life will be beautiful.

How to read English grammer book for BCS preparation:

Be careful while reading the English subject. If you have time you can read the grammar section of classes VI, VII, VIII, and IX once.

Remember that you don’t just read part of the book. Read the complete grammar of the English book on the day you read the book.

English grammar is such that one part is closely related to the other. To understand one part, one needs to know another thing.

This way you can do well in the English Grammar section. Besides, there are complex subjects like vocabulary, opposite words, phrases,s, and idioms.

Try to read them regularly. Remember you don’t have to be weak in any subject to become a BCS cadre.

Study in such a way that you can easily write your own way in English on any subject.

How to read Mathematics book for BCS preparation:

Many people have weaknesses in mathematics. If you are not good at numbers, try it yourself first. Otherwise, you can read a private.

Read only the numbers. Apart from this, the solution of Anga is given in the mp3 book of the George series.

First, you can try it yourself. If you don’t understand, then you can study privately with a teacher.

But marks is a very important subject in this subject it is easy to score more marks. That’s why numbers can never be neglected.

A lot of importance should be given in doing geometry. Every part of geometry should be understood well.

MCQ questions come from Geometry. In many cases, it is asked to determine the area of ​​a triangle, or quadrilateral. These parts cannot be omitted.

Try to have a good idea about everything.

How to read international affairs for BCS preparation:

International affairs cannot be neglected. But this is quite a complicated matter. You should try to master it regularly i.e. when you catch it you will finish the book completely.

It is difficult to remember the capital of different countries, names of currencies, names of different organizations, their headquarters, etc. Try to read them regularly.

BCS written preparation:

Try to understand all parts well. So that you don’t face any problems in your written exam after the preliminary exam.

Read in such a way that you can write something on that subject. BCS written exam never comes common.

Questions will come in such a way that you know the subject. But in case you don’t have memorization you have to write based on your knowledge.

It’s not difficult to solve such problems when you study preliminary, if you are prepared, today I discussed BCS, and after that, I will discuss about those who don’t want to become a BCS cadre but want to get job in short time.

Hope following my discussion you will get a job easily later.

How to read BCS’s previous question for preparation:

I assume you have completed reading all the books in your mp3 series.

Now you are revising all subjects regularly. What do you do now? Now you will buy a professor job solution book from the market.

First, solve all BCS questions one by one completely. Understand and master all the subjects of each BCS. Solving previous BCS questions means getting a common of 80 marks in the exam hall.

For this, it should be read in such a way that the answer sheet can be filled out without any confusion in the examination hall.

At first, you may find the Professor’s job solution difficult. Start from the beginning and mark the questions you find difficult or do not remember in red ink.

Later read only these marked questions. After mastering BCS complete the previous year’s questions then read all other 1st class exam questions.

As you read like this, it will be like the whole book is under your control.

Later you don’t have to read the whole book only those questions which you find difficult which are marked in red ink.

Conclusion for bcs preparation:

Remember your dream is to become a BCS cadre. For this, you need to finish reading all the job books in the market.

Once the preparation is done then see which book you can finish in a day.

You will find it very easy in any subject. But always give special importance to Mathematics and English. Make reading English a major part of your routine.

There are many items in English that cannot be mastered unless spoken regularly.

Try to read them regularly.

This way you will see one day you have survived in BCS preliminary.

Try to do all the things in detail. Then you will be prepared for BCS written exam.

Since there is not much time available for the exam, if you always understand, about 80 percent of the ret exam preparation is done.

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