Magura dc office job circular

Magura  dc office (Deputy commissioner) has recently published a job circular 2023 for appoint 12 manpower in office.  The office of the Deputy Commissioner, Magura has published it in their official website They will employ a total of 12 manpower in the post of office assistant. Candidates who have passed secondary school certificate or equivalent examination from any recognized board can apply for all these posts.

The Magura District Commissioner (DC) Office has recently announced a job circular for the year 2023, inviting applications for a total of 12 vacancies in various positions. This is a great opportunity for those who are seeking government jobs in Magura. The application process for these vacancies will start on 02/04/2023 and will end on 10/05/2023. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply within this timeframe.

Magura dc office job circular 2023:

The office of the Deputy Commissioner is regulated under the Ministry of Public Administration. It is a district of Khulna Division. Recently, Magura district administration has invited full online application form from eligible candidates for recruitment of 12 manpower. Permanent residents of Magura district who have the qualifications can apply for this post. A candidate can apply from 02/04/2023. Last date of sending application is 10/05/2023 AD.

Magura district job circular 2023:

The office of the Deputy Commissioner is completely a government institution. The highest office at the district level is the office of the District Commissioner. The controlling office of all the offices located at the district level is the office of the District Commissioner. The officers and employees working here get respect and many facilities. It is truly an honor to serve in the office of the District Commissioner. Moreover, it is easy to get jobs here from other departments. Since only district level candidates can apply for all these posts, the competition will be with district level candidates. Here as this competition among applicants will be less. For those who have good preparation, I will tell them to apply at the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Magura, if they want to get a job easily.

Magura job circular 2023:

District Commissioner’s Office Magura has published a notification on the official website for recruitment of 12 manpower. StudyguideBD has collected the recruitment letter from Magura district website and published it here. You can collect it from here and save it on mobile or computer.

magura dc office job circular
magura dc office job circular
magura dc office job circular

নারায়ণগঞ্জের চাকরির আবেদনের একটা নমুনা দেওয়া হলো। আপনি মাগুরার নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তির তথ্য দিয়ে আবেদনের ফরমটি পূরণ করবেন।

Application Conditions of Magura dc office job circular 2023:

Candidate must be permanent citizen of Bangladesh by birth and permanent resident of Magura district.

Addressing the incoming candidates in the application form prescribed by the Deputy Commissioner, Magura on 10.05,2023 AD. to reach by post at the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Magura during office hours by the date. No direct application will be accepted. Applications received after the prescribed time will not be accepted. 

The name of the post in bold letters, reference to the department for which application is made, special quota (if any) and applicant’s full name and address should be written in legible letters on the envelope. The prescribed application form is the website of Ministry of Public Administration. Can be collected from notice board at or District Commissioner, Magura website Apart from this, the application form can be downloaded from every union digital center in Magura district. Required information should be provided as per the instructions and requirements of the prescribed application form.

Candidate Age Limit of Magura dc office job circular 2023:

Age of Candidates is very important. If you cross the age limit of circular, you are not eligible for apply, So, You should be careful to count your according to the Magura dc office job circular .

25.03,2020 AD. Must be between 18 to 30 years on date. However, the age limit is relaxable up to 32 years in case of freedom fighter children or children of children or disabled candidates. No affidavit regarding age will be admissible.

Attachable documents of  Magura gov bd job circular 2023:

The following documents should be attached with the application form. It any document is missing, your application is invalid. So, you must confirm with the cool brain all the following document with the application form.

  • Photocopies of all certificates attached to the application must be attested (with name seal) by a Government Officer of First Class.
  • 03 copies of recently taken passport size and 3 copies of stamp size colored photographs should be attached at the specified place in the application form.
  •  Citizenship certificate issued by the concerned Union Parishad Chairman/Mayor of the municipality.
  •  Photocopy of educational qualification and all experience certificates.
  • Character certificate issued by first class gazetted officer.
  • Candidates who wish to apply as the child of a martyred freedom fighter/child of a freedom fighter/child of a freedom fighter should apply in the prescribed form as mentioned in paragraph 2 above by mentioning the following information. In this case the attested copy of freedom fighter certificate must be attached with the original application.
  •  Deposit of Tk.100/- (One Hundred) in Code No. 1-4632-0001-2031 towards examination fee through treasury challan. Original copy (first copy) of treasury challan should be attached with the application form.
  • A return envelope 10 inches x 4.5 inches affixed with postage stamp of Rs.10 (ten) containing the name of the post and the name and address of the candidate: should be enclosed with the application form.

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When reject application of Magura dc office job circular 2023:

Late applications and defective/incomplete applications will be treated as rejected. Job aspirants have to send the application form through proper authority within the stipulated time. In this case no advance copy of application form will be accepted. Govt rules regarding quota for Freedom Fighters/Women/Ansar VDP/Orphans/Physically Handicapped/Minority Candidates will be followed as per Govt Policy. In this case the candidate has to attach the attested copy of the certificate/certificate issued by the appropriate authority in support of his quota claim with the application form. Otherwise he will be considered as the general candidate of the district.

Attachable documents of Magura district job circular during oral test:

Candidates shortlisted in the written test shall produce full copies of citizenship certificate, national identity card/birth certificate, educational qualification, experience certificate, computer and shorthand proof of all certificates and quota related certificates at the time of appearing in the oral test.

Any recommendation or lobbying regarding the appointment will be considered as disqualification of the candidate. The decision of the appointing authority regarding acceptance and rejection of the application will be considered final.

The Authority reserves the right to change/modify/add, remove and cancel the terms and conditions of this notification without assigning any reason.

Admit card of Magura gov bd job circular 2023:

জেলা প্রশাসকের কার্যালয় মাগুরাতে এই বারটি অফিস সহায়কের পদের নিয়োগের সভাপতি হলেন জেলা প্রশাসক মহোদয় নিজেই।  এজন্য সমস্ত নিয়োগ কার্যক্রমটি জেলা প্রশাসকের সভাপতিতে অনুষ্ঠিত হবে ।আবেদন পাওয়ার পর তিনি একটি যাচাই-বাছাই কমিটি নির্বাচন করবেন । যাচাই-বাছাই কমিটি সকল আবেদন পত্র হতে সঠিক আবেদন পত্র সমূহ নির্বাচন করবেন ।এরপর নির্বাচিত আবেদন পত্রের প্রার্থীকে ডাকযোগে প্রবেশ পত্র প্রেরণ করা  হয়। প্রবেশপত্রে লিখিত পরীক্ষার সময় ও স্থান উল্লেখ থাকে।  লিখিত ও মৌখিক পরীক্ষার সময় অবশ্য প্রবেশপত্রটি সঙ্গে আনতে হবে। আবেদনপত্র সমূহের প্রার্থীকে লিখিত পরীক্ষার জন্য প্রবেশপত্র প্রেরণ করা হবে। ছাড়পত্র পাওয়ার এক বছরের  মধ্যে সম্পূর্ণ নিয়োগ কার্যক্রমটি শেষ করতে হবে। আশা করি ৬ ছয় মাসের মধ্যে লিখিত পরীক্ষা হবে।

Preparation of Magura  job circular 2023:

মাগুরা জেলা প্রশাসকের কার্যালয়ের চতুর্থ শ্রেণী অফিস সহায়ক পদের নিয়োগ এর প্রস্তুতি আপনারা নিশ্চয়ই অবগত আছেন যে এই ধরনের চতুর্থ শ্রেণীর নিয়োগ পরীক্ষার প্রশ্নপত্র খুব একটা জটিল হয় না। এখানে সাধারণত বাংলা, অংক ইংরেজি এবং সাধারণ জ্ঞানের মধ্যে থেকে 40 মার্কের লিখিত পরীক্ষা হয়ে থাকে। জাতির জনক বঙ্গবন্ধু শেখ মুজিবুর রহমান, চলমান মেগা প্রজেক্ট,  মুক্তিযোদ্ধা ও মাগুরা জেলার গুরুত্বপূর্ণ বিষয় ইত্যাদি বিষয় নিয়ে ভালো করে স্টাডি করুন। ইংরেজিতে অনুবাদ থেকে কয়েকটি প্রশ্ন আসতে পারে। বাংলায় বাগধারা, সমাস, কারক, সন্ধি বিচ্ছেদ এবং প্রকৃতি প্রত্যয় থেকে প্রশ্ন আসতে পারে। অংকের বিষয়ে সপ্তম বা অষ্টম শ্রেণী থেকে উৎপাদক এবং পাটিগণিত থেকে দু একটা প্রশ্ন আসতে পারে। এ সকল বিষয়ে মোটামুটি ভালো ধারণা থাকলেই এই পরীক্ষায় নির্বাচিত হওয়া সম্ভব।

প্ৰত্যুত্তৰ দিয়ক

আপোনৰ ইমেইল ঠিকনাটো প্ৰকাশ কৰা নহ’ব। প্ৰয়োজনীয় ক্ষেত্ৰকেইটাত * চিন দিয়া হৈছে