What is sentence, kinds of sentence, exclamatory sentence structure

What is sentence?

I like to drink tea .The birds are flying

like I to tea drink Birds the flying are

উপরের বাঁ-দিকের শব্দ সমষ্টির শব্দগুলো পৃথক পৃথকভাবে অর্থ প্রকাশ করে বটে; কিন্তু সমষ্টিগতভাবে সম্পূর্ণ ভাব বা অর্থ প্রকাশ করতে পারে না। তাই তারা Sentence নয়। পক্ষান্তরে ডান দিকের শব্দগুলোকে সঠিকভাবে সাজানো হয়েছে। তাই তারা সম্পূর্ণ ভাব বা অর্থ প্রকাশ করতে পারে।

What is sentence?

সুতরাং তারা Sentence যে শব্দ গুচ্ছ মনের ভাব বা ধারণা সম্পূর্ণরূপে প্রকাশ করে তাকে Sentence বলে।

A Sentence is a group of words expressing a complete sense or meaning. 

Kinds of sentence

অর্থভেদে Sentence-কে পাঁচ ভাগে ভাগ করা হয়েছেঃ

1. Assertive Sentence (বিবৃতিমূলক)

2. Interrogative Sentence (প্রশ্নবোধক)

3. Imperative Sentence (অনুজ্ঞা বাচক) 

4. Optative Sentence (ইচ্ছা বা প্রার্থনামূলক) 

5. Exclamatory Sentence (বিস্ময়সূচক)

1) Assertive Sentence : যে sentence দ্বারা কোন বিবৃতি প্রদান করা হয় তাকে Assertive Sentence বলে । Sheis reading. The boy has a book.

 Assertive Sentence দু’প্রকারঃ

1. Affirmative Sentence (-4) 

2. Negative Sentence (1-4)

1. Affirmative Sentence definition :

যে sentence-এ কোন কিছু স্বীকার করা হয় বা হাঁ-বোধক উত্তর দেয়া হয় তাকে Affirmative Sentence বলে।

 She has written a letter. I shall go home today.

Negative Sentence : যে sentence দ্বারা কোন কিছু অস্বীকার করা হয় বা না-বোধক উকি করা হয় তাকে Negative Sentence বলে ।

Affirmative Sentence Structure:

Subject+Verb + Extension.

(1)Sub+ Principal Verb+Extension

 I play football.

(2) To be’ Verb & Affirmative Sentence Structure: Subject+ Verb + Extension

She is well today.

Sub +Verb+ Extension

(ii) Negative-43 Structure (4 to be verb T Negative Sentence-4 Structure):

Subject + Verb + not + Extension

She is not well today.

Sub Verb not Extension.

(iv) “To have” Verb & Negative Sentence- Structure:

Subject+ Verb + no/not + (a) + Extension

The boy has no pen to write with. Extension.

Sub Verb no (v) সাহায্যকারী Verb বিহীন Negative sentence-এর Structure:

Subject + do not/does not/did not + Verb + Extension.

They play football in the field.

Subject Verb Extension

He does not obey his parents.

Sub+ Verb+Extension.

Note: “To have verb যুক্ত Sentence নিম্নলিখিত Structure মাধ্যমে Negative করা যায়। Structure: Subject + do/does/did not + have + Extension


Negative, We have a big house. We do not (don’t) have a big house.

He has a nice pen. You had a nice pen.

He does not (doesn’t) have a nice pen.

You did not (didn’t) have a nice pen.

(vi) Auxiliary verb Negative Sentence Structure: Subject + Auxiliary Verb + Principal Verb + Extension.

He had not done his duty. They may not help you.

I am not writing a letter.. We shall not play football today.

2)Interrogative Sentence definition :

যে sentence দ্বারা কোন প্রশ্ন করা হয় তাকে Interrogative Sentence বলে।

What are you reading? 

Where did he go yesterday? 

Interrogative Sentence Structure:

(To be” “To have” Verb T Interrogative Sentence).

To be verb ( verb ) Interrogative Sentence Structure: Verb+ Sub + Extension + Note of Interrogation. Are you ill today? Were they present in the meeting yesterday? Has + he + a nice pen? Have+we+ a good house in Dhaka? (11) To have verb ( verb 7) Interrogative Sentence Structure: Do/does/did + Subject+ have + extension? Do you have a car? or. Have you a car? Does he have a car? Did she have a car? or, Has he a car? Has she a car? () Verb f Interrogative Sentence-Structure:

morning? Does he like orange? Did he go to school yesterday? Auxiliary Verb + Principal Verb & Interrogative Sentence- Structure:

(iv) Do/Does/Did+ Subject + Verb + Extension + note of Interrogation. Do you get up early in the Auxiliary Verb + Subject + Principal Verb + Extension + note of Interrogation. Is he reading a book? Had they finished the work? Shall we go to the fair? Note: যে সব Interrogative Sentence, Auxiliary Verb দ্বারা শুরু হয় তাদের উত্তর সংক্ষেপে “Yes” বা “No” দ্বারা Have you met him? Yes, I have No, I have not.

(v) * Interrogative Sentence. Interrogative Pronoun Interrogative Adverb (who, which, whom. when, why, what, where, whose, how) দ্বারা শুরু হয় তার উত্তরে পূর্ণ Sentence লিখতে হয়। যেমনঃ Q: Where did he live? Ans: He lived in Dhaka.

এ ক্ষেত্রে Structure টি নিম্নরূপঃ

Question word + Auxiliary Verb + Subject+Principal Verb + Extension + note of Interrogation.

(vi) Interrogative Sentence অনেক সময় Negative হয়, তখন তাকে Negative Interrogative বলে।

Didn’t he go to school yesterday? Did he not go to school yesterday?

3). Imperative Sentence definition :

যে sentence দ্বারা আদেশ, উপদেশ, অনুরোধ, নিষেধ ইত্যাদি বুঝায় তাকে Imperative Sentence বলে। 

Get out of my room. (order)

Read more and more. (advice) Don’t make a noise. (forbid)

Please, help me. (request)

উপরের Sentence গুলো দ্বারা যথাক্রমে আদেশ, উপদেশ, অনুরোধ, নিষেধ ইত্যাদি প্রকাশ পাচ্ছে তাই এদের সবগুলো Imperative Sentence.

Imperative sentence structure :

Imperative Sentence- Subject “You” Imperative Sentence- Full Stop

Imperative Sentence ও Affirmative এবং Negative দু’ই হতে পারে। 

Affirmative- Open the door

Negative- Imperative Sentence (Affirmative-1)-

4 Structure:(1) Verb+ Extension.

Don’t open the door.

(1) Do not/Don’t+Subject + Verb+Extension. Don’t open the door.

(1) Please/kindly + Verb + Extension.

Please, help me. or. Help me, please.

First person 4 third person-4 Let Imperative sentence Structure: Let + first person/third person Object + Verb + Extension. Let me go out. Let him do the work.

Optative Sentence: যে Sentence মনের ইচ্ছা বা প্রার্থনা প্রকাশ পায় তাকে Optative Sentence বলে ।

Optative sentence structure :

4. Structure: May + Subject + Verb + Extension

May Bangladesh prosper day by day.

Note: অনেক সময় May উহ্য থাকে। Long live the king.

5. Exclamatory Sentence definition

যে sentence- এ মনের আকস্মিক অনুভূতি বা উচ্ছ্বাস প্রকাশ করে তাকে Exclamatory Sentence বলে।  Hurrah! We have won the game. What a beautiful bird it is!

Exclamatory sentence structure :

(i) সাধারণত: How বা What দ্বারা Exlamatory Sentence শুরু হয়। Sentence-এ অবস্থিত a/an Sentence এর শুরুতে What বসে। How বা What [ Exclamatory Structure-টি নিম্নরূপ হয়ঃ

Structure: What a/an How + Adjective + Subject+ Verb + Note of Exclamation. What a fine bird it is!

(ii) Alas Hurrah Exclamatory Sentence-4 Structure: Hurrah/Alas+ Note of Exclamation

Subject + Verb + Extension. Alas! I am undone. Hurrah! We won the game.

(iii) If/Had Exclamatory Sentence-4 Structure: If/Had + Subject + Verb + Extension + Note of Exclamation If I were a king! Had I been a king!

Exercise of Sentences in the examples given below: 

Remark the below sentence with name:

1. May you live long. 

2. Read attentively. 

3. May you pass the examination. 

4. What are you doing? 

5. Is he coming home today?

 6. How old is your father? 

7. May I help you? 

8. Is he an honest boy? 

9. How sweetly the cuckoo sings! 

10. We saw him go there. 

11. May you be happy. 

12. Has she had her meal? 

13. One day the old sailor killed the bird. 

14. They had been playing for two hours. 

15. I could not catch the train. 

16. Will they be playing? 

17. Please give me a glass of water. 

18. The writer does not like wine. 

19. Does she mind taking tea? 

20. May Allah help you. 

21. Hurrah! I have passed! 

22. Had I been a merchant! 

23. How talkative she was! 

24. May Bangladesh live long. 

25. Hurrah! I have passed! 

26. Don’t quarrel with anybody. 

27. Always speak the truth. 

28. Be attentive and listen to my lecture. 

29. What a beautiful bird it is! 

30. You must go there. 

31. The fishermen had been catching fish. 

32. Was he repairing the watch? 

33. Lesson to what I say. 

34. Please wait for me till I return.

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